I am never gonna see me  standing in a suit peering out  on social media . Or window or a standing next a car that’s not mine. With a smile on my face. With what seems to be a “I am Jesus” pose .
I own Rebel Reversals LLC . I own a 1978 Ford f150 an a Durango.
I believe that forex education doesn’t have to be expensive. I believe that any one can learn . I truly believe that you can tell your boss, and every person that has ever told you your worthless . Or a total screw up to kiss your ass. if you learn what you need to know . I believe that you can take 100.00 an turn it into 100,000.00 in a yr.
Deep inside I believe anyone who hates a 9 to 5 or there boss, or the educational system an still can’t find a meaning for there life, can find it through the trading psychology of a day trader .
I believe that everyone can help EVERYONE. I believe you don’t have to bash on people to sell a product . there is so much of it we are in a 4 trillion dollar industry. I believe in honor I believe in loyalty an what the men of an women of the military an where in the world Call VALOR. AN I BELIEVE ANYONE CAN COME TO REBELSFX AN LEARN HOW TO TRADE.